Emilio Torres


A Rock & Roll fan from a very young age, in adolescence he already began to be part of Rockabilly groups in his city, Terrassa.

Little by little, his interest in the original Rock & Roll of the 50s led him to delve deeper into previous styles such as Blues, Jazz, etc… forming part of The Big Jamboree, a Jumpblues band in which he is still a member today.

Currently, he is part of various bands, all in the orbit of what we could call “American retro” music, Rock, Blues and rhythm and blues, from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

Bands like the previously mentioned The Big Jamboree, The Sparkles, Al & Speedway, The Starways, The Velvet Candles and now in this project, bands with which he has participated in concerts and festivals throughout Spain and a large part of Europe.